How to decide what sampling program is right for your business?

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Product sampling has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for many reasons. It’s easy for the consumer to participate in this focus group because you bring the product samples to where the shopper is doing business under the product sampling program.

When choosing a product sampling company to partner with, both teams must be in-line with the end game under dry sampling

One product sampling campaign may return better results for increasing the volume of positive reviews, while another may perform better at increasing brand recognition across multiple product lines.

And finally, some products lend poorly to in-store sampling, where a company with multiple marketing strategies available can benefit most.


We can liquidate excess inventory within a short duration at the minimum logistical costs at the local level.

Choosing a product sampling company

The product sampling companies will work with your teams both on-premises and during off-site strategizing to create the best plan to influence consumers with sampling under dry sampling. 

The goal of any sampling campaign is to increase recognition and demand for the product while also gaining direct marketing insight due to the sampling process under the product sampling program. 

Here are some key features to look for when comparing product sampling companies.

Understands product sampling psychology 

The best product sampling campaigns will identify the target consumer’s needs and position the sampling to address those concerns. Mentally, the consumer is looking for an available product at the correct cost and fits their preferences under the product sampling program. 

At the same time, the free sampling of the product will subconsciously provide a certain level of satisfaction, and the consumer will generally want to reciprocate by making a purchase. 

The give-and-take nature of free product samples is good for the brand and the consumer as it supports a vision of generosity on the company’s side under the product sampling program.

Has built a portfolio of sampling case studies

Marketing campaigns depend on conclusive data. Please select a product sampling company that bases its process on a firm foundation of what works and doesn’t. Case studies can make complex concepts simpler.

These are former life sampling campaigns that have been conducted and analyzed, and the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the study’s methods under the product sampling program.

 Expect the product sampling company’s staff to deliver timely and insightful reporting and analysis while making certain field operations run smoothly and efficiently under dry sampling.

Take methodical steps in campaign development.


Your company expects results after a marketing campaign. They result from following a strategic plan and taking methodical steps in every campaign development phase. 

Determining the target audience, choosing a social media influencer, building the sample presentation, telling the product story, and finally – expanding the product’s reach after sampling are steps toward a successful campaign.


Sampling programs delineate the sampling universe, sampling technique, sample unit size, number of sample units, the pattern of collecting sample units, and timing of samples. 

An essential step in developing a primary sampling program is comparing and evaluating potential sampling techniques.

After selecting a sample unit and sampling technique, the next step in developing a sampling program is determining the pattern and timing of sampling and the optimal number of sample units under the product sampling program.

Some randomness is introduced by collecting sample units at a randomly selected interval within the predetermined pattern on each sample date.

It must be quality over quantity:

Many companies still walk into product sampling simply thinking it’s a number game. That’s the traditional way, but there are more effective ways, according to my total retail. 

To a certain extent, it is a numbers game, but you still need to get your samples in front of quality prospects if you intend to get a positive return on your investment under the product sampling program.

Sampling the right product:

You are determining which product to sample is vital to your success. You want it to be something that many people would enjoy, not something too specialized. 

Who are you going to get with the sample? If you have something very specialized, your chances of getting a person who likes that product go down.

Create an exchange:

Whether you are getting an email address or social media exposure, there should be something in it for you if you are giving away the product. 

Be core recommends creating an exchange rate or swapping with your prospect to earn their free sample. Customers made products by sharing the company on their social media profiles under the product sampling program. In their example, they exchanged the product with their customers for social media exposure.

Product sampling is an effective way to get your product in front of prospects. It is an excellent opportunity to grow your business and earn more customers under dry sampling. 

However, if you don’t have a marketing strategy, it will be nothing more than an expensive attempt to grow your business under the product sampling program. Plan everything out properly; customers will bar your door for excellent products.