Four ways product sampling helps your brand win over shoppers?


The product sampling method is a method that has assisted many businesses to thrive, even when they face extensive opposition in the market under the Sampling agency. However, it is a computed process you must acknowledge before thoroughly trying it out under the Product sampling program.


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Samplrr introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

What is Product Sampling?

Product Sampling is when companies raise the word about their product by letting customers examine it before purchasing it under the Product sampling program. With product sampling, you offer free samples of your new products to your targeted audience to obtain traffic and consciousness.

Kinds of product sampling

There are two kinds of product sampling methods:

Indirect product sampling strategy: It is a method with no physical communication between you and users. i.e., providing complimentary product samples to users when they buy another product under the Product sampling program.

Direct product sampling strategy: It is just the contrary. Your link with your customers and keep that relationship. i.e., providing free samples by sending them to their homes under the Sampling agency.

Here are four ways product sampling scales your brand.

New product starts

New products deserve the freshest UGC on the start day. Or even earlier. Product sampling acquires your products in the hands of your ideal shoppers before you officially start. Please allow them to share UGC after they’ve explored your new creation under the Product Sampling program.

Almost 90% of shoppers consider ratings and reviews before making a purchase, so the last thing you want is a blank page on start day.

And product sampling networks are more than just ratings and responses. It brings in thumb-stopping vision and social content excessively. Over 60% of shoppers say they’re more appropriate to purchase if they can see photos and videos from other customers under the Sampling agency.

It has an even more significant effect than any professional representation could give — 64% of shoppers would pick visible UGC over your brand’s professional photos any day.

Product development

Are you making a great product but desiring to know how it’ll do in the marketplace? Product sampling can also assist you before the big start day.

Our community members can give insights on what they love and hate about your creation and label, so you have time to attach the formula and find achievements from starting the day under the Sampling agency.

This benefit increases for older products also. As shoppers drop reviews and share photos, your team has the chance to work into what consumers love and hate about your creation and label under the Product sampling program.

Core SKU support

Collecting UGC isn’t just a one-time thing. It means you must keep up the excellent work, even when a product has been on the market for a hot minute. Your admired hero products can benefit from product sampling too.

Product sampling reminds loyalists of what they love about your brand and brings in new shoppers to attempt your products directly. These fresh eyes stay UGC on your product pages upgrade too. About 60% of shoppers strongly agree that recent reviews (written in the past three months) are more authentic than older reviews.

Joining new markets

Banging one new market appearance doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth drifting in every locale or enumeration. Product sampling enhances your chances of product adoption from new users in the contemporary marketplace.

Over 70% of shoppers are looking for viewpoints similar to theirs as they assess a new product to purchase. As shoppers absorb UGC, they want to see a review from people like them.

Advantages of Product Sampling:

  • It presents considerable traffic towards the product.
  • It gives immediate detail about what consumers think about it, which is excellent for development purposes
  • It makes the person-to-person link with the consumer and therefore sets up foundations of perseverance

What are the Product Sampling techniques?

Companies must have a determined target before doing a product sampling program. Resources are relevant and used to profit the company and its consumers.

The following process describes the target consumer. Telling the target consumer will set the tone for the marketing campaign and research, which comprises product sampling.

Define what you are trying to achieve:

Maybe you are trying to produce countless reviews for one product, or perhaps you are hoping to create thoughts from several products in your product catalog under the Sampling agency.

Define your estimated audience:

Ensure that the persons who get your samples are part of your aimed consumers under the Sampling agency. It means that you are devoting your resources to devoted recipients, and, in turn, you will see higher alteration charges under the Product sampling program.

The right time for your product sampling movement – a failed mistake:

A common mistake is waiting for your product to launch before running a sampling movement under the Sampling agency. It is, in fact, a misinterpretation. It would be best to examine running your product sampling before you throw to gather valuable reviews from your estimated users.