Buying followers on instagram- What are the rewards?

This has led some users to consider buying Instagram followers as a shortcut to growing their accounts.  For many Instagram users, the main goal is to build their following and get more engagement on their content. However, gaining genuine, organic followers can be difficult and time-consuming. Buying followers offers an easy way to artificially inflate your follower count quickly. Quick growth can gain thousands of followers within days rather than waiting months or years to build your audience organically. This accelerated growth can help you meet goals and benchmarks for your account.

  • Increased discoverability- Having more followers can make your profile seem more established and popular. This can lead to your content showing up on the Explore page, hashtags, and suggested user lists.
  • Leverage- A higher follower count looks impressive and can potentially attract real, targeted followers to your profile. Some see it as a necessary starting point to kickstart organic growth.
  • Vanity metrics- For some, there is the temptation of simply wanting big follower numbers for the sake of it, regardless of engagement. Higher followers generally signal influence and authority.
  • Social proof- More followers imply social validation and proof of your brand or business. It’s a signal for others to follow you.

For these reasons, buying followers can be an appealing shortcut for impatient Instagram users looking to grow faster. The perception is that it will lead to more followers, more engagement, and more attention.

Potential rewards of buying followers

While the benefits of buying followers are debated, there are some potential rewards users aim to achieve:

1. Reach more users

Buying instagram followers from Famoid immediately expands your potential reach and audience on Instagram. This broader reach can expose your brand and content to more users initially. Instagram’s algorithm also tends to favor and promote profiles with more followers.

2. Increased engagement

Despite followers being fake, some accounts see increased engagement after buying followers. The psychological effect of more followers can lead real users to pay more attention to your profile and content.

 3. Jumpstart growth

The influx of new followers can kickstart and accelerate growth for your account. Buying followers provides scale, which you can potentially leverage to build genuine momentum.

4. Enhanced Visibility

With more followers, you are likely to appear higher in follower recommendations, hashtags, and the Explore page. Greater visibility leads to more impressions and discovery.

 5. Improved brand perception

Higher followers generally signal authority, influence, and trustworthiness. Consumers often perceive profiles with more followers as being more reputable.

 6. Attract followers

Some marketers believe buying followers attracts real, targeted followers, who see your impressive follower number and choose to follow. The artificial boost demonstrates social proof.

7. Affordable growth hacking

Services allow you to buy followers cheaply, providing accessible growth hacking. For some budgets, this is more affordable than content creation and advertising to gain followers.

8. Save time

Gaining organic followers and running campaigns to grow your audience takes significant time. Buying followers provides instant results and may free up time. The potential to gain these rewards rapidly is a major reason why some Instagram users buy followers. While the long-term benefits are questionable, the immediate vanity metrics can be alluring.