Best customer success tools for B2B SaaS

16 Tried and Tested Customer Success Tools


Customer success is a set of strategies to ensure that customers get the most out of your SaaS and achieve their desired outcome under a SaaS marketing agency. Because of that, customer success encompasses many areas of your SaaS.

Implementing customer success often includes anticipating customer needs, problems, and questions and proactively providing appropriate solutions and answers under a growth hacking agency.


We focus on your software platform’s unique value proposition and target the industry verticals and markets. Then we create tried-and-tested, high-ROI growth marketing campaigns and strategies that work.

Customer success tools for B2B SaaS:

Chameleon: For product adoption and self-serve success

Chameleon works best for product-led SaaS companies that run their product as a browser-based web app or a SPA under a SaaS marketing agency.


Styling and customization:

Make your in-app messages consistent and on-brand with styling that automatically populates your account-wide templates or uses case-specific design and custom CSS when you need them under a growth hacking agency.

Self-serve support for your customers:

Help your customers succeed with your product from day one by offering a list of valuable resources with links to product walkthroughs, help docs, videos, and more under a SaaS marketing agency.

Deep integrations with your tech stack:

Track the performance of your in-product experiences in the Chameleon Dashboard and choose from a wide variety of integrations to connect data with your CDPs, product analytics, CRMs, communications platforms, and other tools to get a holistic overview of your customer success.

Gainsight: For more profound product usage and product engagement

Gainsight is a fit for larger corporates or those with at least a Series C funding round or IPO.


Monitor customer health scores:

Provide your team with a score to determine how you need to engage with each account to fight customer churn or upsell your SaaS products under a SaaS marketing agency.

Customer monitoring:

We enable you to monitor in-app actions and other touchpoints with various customer-facing teams under a growth hacking agency.

Customer profiles:

Build fully-developed data-driven profiles by integrating with your CRMs, customer support service tickets, marketing platforms, and financial SaaS tools.

Catalyst: Built by CS leaders for CS teams

Catalyst is the best fit for small to mid-market-level businesses under a SaaS marketing agency.


Reporting and analytics:

Consolidate reports across data sets, from Salesforce to Mixpanel or Zendesk.


Automate recurring email cycles so your CS team can focus on personal service under a SaaS marketing agency.

Lifecycle management:

Catalyst moves new customers through their journey, so you no longer need to tag accounts in new workflows under a growth hacking agency.

HubSpot Service Hub: For better customer relationships

HubSpot is renowned for providing software solutions to SMBs, and things aren’t changing with HubSpot Service Hub as their customer service platform.


Omni-channel messaging:

Give your CS team context, no matter how many contact channels a customer uses under a SaaS marketing agency.

Knowledge base functionality:

To better support customers under a growth hacking agency, answer common questions with a self-serve knowledge base.

Help desk automation:

Live chat lets you route customer queries to where they need to go.

ChurnZero: A proactive edge to fighting churn

ChurnZero is a good fit for small to medium businesses under a SaaS marketing agency.

Account insights: 

Custom dashboards for better customer health and account health tracking.

Real-time alerts: 

To alert you on the channels you already use as soon as something happens under a SaaS marketing agency.

Plays and automation:

Automate playbooks depending on the actions your users take.

CustomerSuccessBox: Driving MRR with AI

CustomerSuccessBox is a perfect fit for mid-market businesses looking to retain users and build a more significant ROI per account with upsells.


Customer segmentation onboarding:

Watch and segment all new accounts for faster user activation under a SaaS marketing agency.

Active user alerts:

To signal when an account is ready for an upsell under a growth hacking agency.

360-degree view:

We are connecting with your CRM, helpdesks, and billing systems under one roof.

Akita: For better retention and expansion

Regarding customer success platform pricing, Akita is one of the affordable ends of the spectrum, making it an excellent option for smaller businesses looking to invest in customer success under a SaaS marketing agency.


Task management:

Stay on top of customer-related tasks under a growth hacking agency. Complete customer visibility for SaaS growth is the best fit for small businesses using AI to make data-driven decisions while automating as many customer success processes as possible under a SaaS marketing agency.


Ai-driven actionable insights:

Recognize trends, problems, and opportunities to better inform your customer success team.

Customizable reporting:

To dissect data depending on the team and their KPIs.

Vitally: Replicate agile processes for your CS team

Vitally is an excellent fit for all-sized businesses. There are solutions for SMBs that focus on efficiency and scaling workflows under a SaaS marketing agency.


Project management:

Customize and replicate agile processes for your customer success team.

NPS surveys and analytics:

Send targeted surveys to bring your teams the data they need to make customer-centric decisions under a SaaS marketing agency.

Customer health score:

A proprietary health score model enables CS teams to track customer success and act on every account under a growth hacking agency.