Are Digital Business Cards Secure?

What You Need to Know About a Digital Business Card
NFC digital business cards are, without a doubt, the way of the future. They provide a level of functionality and convenience that conventional business cards just can’t equal.


Moreover, it is understandable that new users of near-field communication (NFC) are anxious about the security and protection of their personal data. Their fears are justified, as there are cybercriminals who’d do anything to steal people’s personal information.

Potential Threats to NFC Technology


Eavesdropping, data alteration or corruption, interception assaults, and physical theft are possible security attacks on an NFC digital business card. The hazards and the mechanism by which NFC technology works to stop such security lapses are discussed below:

  • Eavesdropping


Eavesdropping is where a criminal “listens in” on an NFC transaction for the purpose of obtaining the users’ personal information. However, the criminal has little window of opportunity to intercept signals because the devices need to be relatively close to one another to send signals. 


Additionally, data is encrypted when a secure channel is created, and only an authorized device is able to decode it. Users of NFC cards should verify that the businesses they transact with use secure channels.

  • Data manipulation and corruption


When criminal tampers with or manipulates the data being sent to a reader, the data is corrupted and rendered unusable when it reaches the reader. Secure channels should be used for communication to avoid this. Some NFC hardware “listens” for data corruption attacks and stops them before they can start.

  • Theft


Although NFC cards are encrypted, it would not help if the user’s device got stolen. Therefore, owners of smartphones should be vigilant about maintaining tight security on their devices. 


Set a password or other type of lock that appears when the smartphone screen is turned on. A burglar might not be able to guess the password and therefore be prevented from accessing critical information on the phone.


NFC digital business cards offer an easy and safe way to distribute your contact information. But there are always certain security issues that need to be resolved with these technologies. By learning these risks, digital business card users can better protect themselves.

Read more on this subject in this infographic by NFC Tagify, a provider of digital business cards, NFC tags, and more in the UK.