Where can I find the best truck loads to transport?

If you are a trucker or own a fleet company, here are some tricks to find the best truck loads to transport. Take a look at ways to find loads for trucks:

Post your trucks:

A lot of loads don’t get posted, so you can get access to them by getting a call from a broker that has chosen to work with your company. In order to get those calls, you should post your truck. When the broker will see your details, they will contact you on their own.

Destination hack:

Loads do not get posted with blank destination, so do not post your trucks in this manner. There are several zones in US and Canada, hence it is important to mention the zone and location so that you find loads accordingly.

Search any and not just one type of trailer:

When you are looking for the best truck load to transport, beware if you have just chosen one kind of trailer. You will be not get a chance to find loads posted for other trailer types. For instance, if you search for loads only for VAN, then you will not find loads posted for reefer trailers.

Reverse search:

It is advisable to be a part of the market which has more loads leaving than arriving. It is an easy way to find out what the market is and where you are going to. Keeping the origin blank just put the city name you are looking for in the destination. Now search and compare the inbound loads with the outbound loads.

Look for freight brokers:

Freight brokers are in contact with big shipping companies. If you work in collaboration with one of them, they will bring suitable truck loads for you. However, they will charge some fee in exchange.

Seek dispatch assistance:

Seek help of dispatch companies. You can get in touch with a dispatcher who will help you in building connections with brokers and shippers. There are a lot of trucking dispatchers that offer services like billing and accounting too. With the help of a professional dispatcher, find loads for your truck gets simpler.

Work as a government authorized contractor

If you start working as a government contractor, then you have better chances of finding more loads to haul. The state and local government often require transportation services. So, if you become an authorized government trucker, then you can easily get all the government contracts and find immense loads to haul for your company.

Participate in gatherings, associations and events

It is important to make network and make your presence felt in the market. Once the shippers know about you, they will contact you on their own for their needs. Similarly, you can also network with truckers and seek their referrals. With the right network, you can definitely find work for you in the long run.

Apart from all the above points, load boards prove to be the most efficient and convenient option to find best loads to haul for you. Sign up now and start looking for work instantly.

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