Using Facebook Ads Effectively

It’s no doubt that social media has been a game changer for our society as a whole. It’s changed the way we consume news, affected where we go to purchase products and even provided new ways for people to stay in touch.

The last way it’s affected our society is it gives advertisers another way to connect with people. The remainder of this article will cover its purpose, its benefits, how to use it, and strategies for using it most effectively. 

  • Purpose of social media advertising

The first question one must ask is why one would want to advertise on social media? Well, the simple answer is there is a massive number of people on it. People can very easily access social media from the convenience of their phones, tablets and computers.

One may even call it the “new age” version of television advertising as you can use both videos and pictures. In addition to that, on social media it’s also much easier to hit a very specific, targeted audience.

Let’s face it. That’s the true purpose of advertising. Unless it’s something where you’re trying to gain as much support as possible much like you would do in politics, chances are your product is targeting a very specific market.

The next section of the article will talk about how to physically narrow down your target market. 

  • How to use Facebook ads most effectively

One thing to keep in mind with Facebook advertising is it’s not free. So that means you’ll need to create a budget for how much you want to spend on your ad campaigns. It’s tracked by the number of days, how many people your post reaches, and how many clicks your ads receive.

The more days you have your ads running, the more you can expect to spend. When setting up an ad you can specify how long it will run for and what your target audience is for each post.

You also want to create the best-looking ads possible. Check out these top Facebook ad creator sites for some good options.

One section the Facebook ad platform has that you can’t get in print and television platforms is your target audience. The main demographics you can target are age range, location and interests, so the main thing to know is who it is you are marketing towards.

If you have a well-developed business plan, that is something which you should already know. While you used to be able to do this manually, this recently changed within Facebook to where you would need to do it with every single post. For more information on Facebook ad targeting options, check out this page:

If you’re marketing something to a big industry such as shoes or cell phones and your industry has buzz words, you should absolutely use them in your ad. Why? Because as we all know if you do a search for something on Facebook you can be assured that you will see an ad for it.

For example, in the footwear industry most people want shoes that have good cushioning in them. So it would be wise to put in your ad that your shoes are well cushioned (assuming that is true of course) and you have an increased chance that those looking for well cushioned shoes will find your ad.

The best way to have success advertising on Facebook? Know the buzzwords and know what your audience likes.

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