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Since the dawn of time the knife has been the indispensable tool of man; stone, bone, wood then metal it has always been in the hand or in the pocket. Long confined to the world of entertainment, circus and music hall, knife throwing, in the imagination of people, was perceived as a sulphurous activity often relayed by filmography.

For several decades the activity of throwing knives and axes has progressively risen to the rank of sporting practice, in the sense that the launchers come together to “practice” together, to train to reproduce this “magic gesture” and s to face in friendly tournaments all over the planet.

The discipline is a school of patience and perseverance; it helps cultivate concentration, breath and balance in order to move towards better self-control. As parts of the accessories you will have to buy the best sgian dubh online also.

Safety instructions

Despite its fun aspects, throwing a knife can present a potential risk if the rules are not strictly followed.

It is imperative that, during training, each pitcher is fully aware of the importance of safety and scrupulously respect the rules:

  • Never move towards the targets while a launcher is in action and makes a throw next to you or on a contiguous runway. These instructions are imperative for picking up your blades from targets and picking them up on the ground.
  • Always remain alert to the possible rebound of a blade which, not planted, can return to a launcher.
  • Respect the casting distances; they must be common; do not throw, for example at 5m if the other jets are made at 3m. Before launching, make sure that everyone has returned to their security perimeter.
  • Respect the concentration of launchers by limiting noise during training. This attitude of respect is of course also valid during tournaments, friendly and official.
  • Maintaining his throwing blades is absolutely necessary for the thrower and those around him. After each workout, it is advisable to clean and sharpen your knives and axes; always think of possible barbules caused by the shock between two blades, which can injure the hand. You can visit the other website here are all ukulele sizes.

In the event of a breach of safety rules, the pitcher may be asked to stop his training for the day. In the event of recurrence, this launcher can be excluded for a period of 6 months.A new breach of safety rules can be sanctioned by a final exclusion, pronounced by the president and approved by the general assembly. The membership fee will remain with the club.

  • If it turns out that, even during the first time, the breach of the imperative safety rules is done deliberately or negligently, the final exclusion will be immediately upon decision of the president.
  • It is strictly forbidden to practice, within the framework of the club, throwing “at risk”, and close to a person for example, under penalty of immediate and final exclusion.
  • A minor cannot launch without the attentive presence of an adult.


The presentation of a recent medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of throwing knives and axes is required when registering for the club; the applicant can neither participate in training nor obtain his club membership card without providing this certificate.

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