The first Android Software for Testing Payment Systems against Attacks from Double-spends Popups In Google Play Store 

Double-spending has been the most demanding challenge with creating and using digital currency. Any digital currency without the right precautionary measures in place tocurb this challenge is virtually worthless. While Bitcoin, as the digital currency giant,handles such problems diligently, other ecosystem products may not. And to help control that menace, one of the world’s smartest app developers have created an android app that lets you test your digital payments against double-spending attacks and saves you the hassle of having to deal with fake transactions often.

Samotari comesup with the Smartest Crypto Control App 

After several years of research, testing, and trials, Samotari has come up with the world’s finest app for testing payment systems against double-spending attacks. Known as Paynoway, the app is practical and sustainable enough to let you verify all the transactions you make via third-party apps, ensuring issues with double-spending aren’t witnessed.  It’s an end-user app created specially to minimize double-spend attacks and keep you safe all through. It lets you test the apps you accept on-chain cryptocurrency payments to ensure they don’t expose you to the risk of double-spending.

What to Know About the App 

This Crypto news double-spending app is entirely made for android-run devices. It’s readily available on the Google Play Store, and it costs nothing to download.  The downloadable version is the initial release, though. The app is not fully released for official use as the currently available version is under development.  The app creates accurate reports regarding the transactions tested together with the corresponding resolutions and IDs. After testing, each transaction is marked either as invalid or confirmed, depending on whether it’s a double-spend or a successful payment.

Understanding Crypto Double-spending Better 

In the framework of Bitcoin, double-spend happens the moment a user tries making several transactions with the same amount.  The fact that such payments entail digital files, which can be duplicated with ease, you may end up paying more than once using the same Bitcoin.

As in the case of peer-to-peer transactions, it happens when a user tries broadcasting two transfers, which end up in the unconfirmed transactions pool.  And if it happens, both transfers are placed into the Blockchain for testing and verification,one of the transactions doesn’t get confirmed. In case the transactions are validated concurrently, it results in the creation of two Blockchain branches that race against each other.  Any of the transactions, which get confirmed first in the block, becomes the genuine one.

The best crypto payment applications work in a smart way to fasten transactions by minimizing the amount of work needed in confirming transactions. As a matter of fact, the best apps will reduce the confirmations to zero. The only problem is that the internet crypto payment gateways aren’t smart enough to always tell between a double spend and original payment, meaning chances of getting scammed aren’t zero. Paynoway is the solution every crypto payment system’s user needs to solve such challenges and minimize issues with double-spending, which may cost your business a fortune and leave your company in unexpected financial instability.

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