The Benefits of Having an Interview Transcribed

If you’re in the business of conducting interviews, whether with customers or with industry experts, it’s crucial to have an accurate record of what was said so that you can refer back to it again and again. The benefits of having an interview transcribed are as numerous as they are obvious! Here are some of the most important reasons why you should always get your interviews transcribed by a professional interview transcription service.

Save Time 

If you have to return to a specific part of your interview for information, there is less chance that you will mishear or misremember anything. This reduces the amount of time spent repeating parts of your conversation. It can be frustrating having to repeat yourself and it slows down interviews considerably.

Captures Accuracy

It goes without saying that accuracy is fundamental when it comes to writing business reports. When you’re able to go back and refer to your transcript, you can be sure that everything is exactly as it should be. You can even use search tools to find specific phrases or words in a matter of seconds. And if you ever need to share a copy with colleagues or clients, using a transcription service transcribed interview means they won’t have any trouble reading what you have written.

Quality Control

A certified transcript can be used as a quality control check to make sure you’re accurately representing your interviewees. As important as it is to represent someone’s views accurately, it’s just as important not to misrepresent them. A professional transcriptionist won’t interpret what they hear on a recording; they will simply type what they hear verbatim. If there are any discrepancies between what was said and what you wrote, you need to revise your work accordingly. 

A Chance to Self Reflect

Self-reflection is a big part of any interview process. When you sit down to listen to your interview, think about how well you answered each question and reflect on what you could have done better. While it may be tempting to start editing on your recording device, it’s a good idea to create a separate document so that you can take notes and adjust as needed when listening back.

Lasting records

The ability to go back and refer to a previous interviewee’s answers time and again is one of the great advantages of having interviews professionally transcribed. As you collect more transcripts, it becomes much easier to compare multiple interviewees’ opinions on a single subject, which can be highly beneficial when researching your content.

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