How to craft an Irresistible Resume

Resume cv writing doesn’t have to be a hard task. As long as you have the qualifications, you are good to go.

You also need to be good with words and always have your way while writing. You could have all the experience in the world and all the qualifications but if you cannot present them well on paper then it is all in vain.

Here are some of the things to be keen on in order to achieve that perfect resume.


Formatting your resume well goes a long way to helping you get the job. You have to be mindful of the font you use, the arrangement, the structure, how you write your headers and the fonts you use and more.

Here are the things that matter when it come to formatting your resume;

  • The font

Choose a font that is formal and clear enough to read without straining. Keep the size readable too. Stick to 10, 11, or 12 when it comes to size. As for the font, New Times Roman could be a great choice.

  • Pages

Experts suggest you keep it short and sweet. That makes it one page. If it is necessary you can make it two pages at most.

  • Margins

Keep your margin nothing less than o.5 inches all around your text.

Things not to do

Note that you have an idea of how your format should be, let’s check out the mistake you probably are always committing;

  • Not being specific

Hit the nail on the head. A good resume is short, clear, and straight forward. Not being specific will make the recruiters think that you are incompetent.

  • Including irrelevant links

The last thing your employer wants is to click on a link that leads him to something that has nothing to do with your profession.

If you have to use links make sure it is for proof of your work or to a relevant information that your employer wants to see.

  • Too much fluff and long text

Again keep your resume specific and straight forward.

Bold words and sentences to emphasize a point and use white spaces and bullets to break down your text.

  • Spellings and typos

Presenting a resume that is full of spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors, doesn’t give you a good image and might cost you the opportunity.

  • Don’t exaggerate

Too much exaggeration and praising yourself without proof may look like lies. Make sure whatever you say in your resume is backed up by some kind of proof.

Crafting an Irresistible Resume

All your resume needs to have is your education and work history. This is to determine your experience.

Here is a summary of what an irresistible resume has;

  • Experience

The main thing you want to put is your experience. That is what recruiters are looking for. Make sure you highlight your strength, how long you have been in the industry for, your previous roles and duties, the positions you held, your skills and what more you can offer.

  • Accomplishments

Don’t leave your accomplishment out. Demonstrate how you made things happen. And talk about specific projects that brought a lot of success.

  • proof

While you are writing about all your experiences and accomplishments, think about all the proof you can provide. Do you have awards, Certificate of Excellence, or any links to prove your value and worth? This is the real deal sealer.

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