How To Claim Your Car Insurance Policy To Fix The Damages?

Your car needs to be protected with the help of an effective insurance plan. As per the law, it is compulsory for every car owner to have an insurance plan for the car. In case of any damage to the car due to accident or other causes, as mentioned in the policy document, the buyer can go for the claim. In case of any significant damage the insurance can be of much support. Nevertheless, one needs to use it carefully as minor claims can lead to loss of no claim bonus and also add to the premium amount that one needs to pay.

Check the type of claim you are covered with

  • Register the claim: In case of any unforeseen event, one needs to go for the registration process of the claim. One can either visit the local office of the insurance company or call the customer care where he needs to mention the details of event and ask for the registration of the claim. The customer care executive will need some details such as the name of the policyholder, driving license number, a number of the vehicle and policy, the event details, and coverage. In case the client is not aware of coverage etc. he can quote the number of Insurance Policy which will be sufficient.
  • Get the registration number: Once the claim is registered, the client is provided with a claim registration number, which he will need to quote in all further communication regarding the concerned claim. This registration number may be in numerals as well as alpha numerals, which can vary from company to company. However, the client needs to keep this number handy as in case of any communication; it will be required at any point of time.
  • Take the car to authorized garage: If the car has met with an accident and one does not have a number or address of any authorized garage, he can seek assistance from the customer care. One needs to take the car to the concerned garage and ask for help. The garage will have a surveyor who knows the process for the accident claim and will prove much helpful to the client in such a case. However, he will need certain details such as policy number and copy, which the client needs to provide him immediately.
  • Provide required details to surveyor: The surveyor may need some more details such as type of accident if FIR is done or not, if the FIR is done, he will need the copy of FIR also. He may need the identity proof of the car owner, copy of a valid driving license, and copy of the insurance policy to process the claim. He needs to fill the form for the claim on which he also needs the signature of the car owner.
  • Check the confirmation from the company: Once he surveyor has done his job, he will update one about his claim registration and next process. After this, the client also needs to confirm the details with the customer care so that he can know that the claim is field and what further process will be. He can even know the required time for the claim process, as well as the approximate cost that one may have to bear. In case there is any document missing or process is required to be done, the customer care will also update the client regarding the same.

So, with the help of the above process, one can have a hassle-free claim for the car and know how much claim will be passed and how much damage he will have to bear.

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