Grow An Entrepreneur Mindset And Start Your Business

You may have met another person who is in his early 30s and is already running his tech business in Hong Kong. It seems he has been doing well and growing steadily with his company.

You may have come up with a great idea on your own. Or you may have repeatedly seen other people facing a specific problem. The important step is to validate your idea (of the solution or software) that you are developing, before actually going big. You may develop something (i.e. the raw version) quickly, and let the people facing the problems try out. Get their feedback, and that is how you can validate your idea. A validated idea is always a better one.

Do not try to do everything on your own. When you started you may be alone, but on the way to success, you will find a partner who can complement you in your start-up business. For example, if you are to handle the software development and product design, you will need a partner to handle other matters such as sales, partnership and marketing. The slightly tricky part is that at this stage you must register a company in Hong Kong. This way, you are ensuring how much shares you and your partner get. Simply go through the company incorporation.

When you run your marketing campaign (which may cost money and/or human effort), make sure you are marketing your product to the right audience (or potential buyers). That is, if the product has been designed for the local audience in the Hong Kong market, then your marketing should 

Keep your focus on your main project. Do not get diverted by other things that seem interesting but aren’t going to get you anywhere, even though when living in HK there are lots of elements that may have diverted your focus/attention. Basically, you should have one project completed and launched before jumping to the next.

Before many people heading into the road of entrepreneurship, they would have already thought through the points below.

What is the path that you want to choose? A steady job working from 9am to 6pm (and with many over time hours during the year), or a business of your own most probably for developing a tech/software product.

In your life, you would have always encountered many different events ahead of you, and you will have to make your decision. You need to understand how your thought process develops, and decide certain events are correct or not. Think of this: The person who seems successful must have taken the actions to get him where he is. He has the power over his actions.

Do you need to set a goal or a few goals? You do need to set goals. Goals are the elements to push you forward and achieve something e.g. Build a start-up. The goals in different stages when building a start-up may be to identify/understand the problem, devise a plan (which is a solution for the problem), carry out the plan, get feedback (from the end users) and review, adjust your product, and extend your plan (to cover the broader area of the problem).

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