Global Coworking

London leads the global coworking revolution

Coworking spaces are a common site in cities across the world, you’re very likely to be able to drop in and find a free desk anywhere in the world that you go! However, it was not always like this, coworking is actually a generally new concept and trend. The first coworking spaces had their start in southern California; San Francisco and Silicon Valley were some of the first huge hotspots for coworking activity; the freelance nature and fluidity of coworking allowed them to really prosper here. Here is a brief overview of coworking in various countries across the globe!


Coworking in Asia is Korean Centered 


Korea had its first tango with coworking way back in 2010, with its first office venture shutting down in 2011. After a five year hiatus, coworking came surging back in 2016. There are now five huge coworking firms in Korea offering rentable desks and flexible office leases. Korean culture is a great fit for coworking, their work environments are very focused on the team and overall group culture. The Korean government even has an initiative aimed at developing Seoul as a “sharing city”, so they are even working to push coworking and its growth in the country. The industry has a great future in Asia, while coworking has started to slow in growth in the West it is only surging in the East. 


European Coworking


Coworking is huge in Europe, but it is headquartered in Germany there. Germany has one of the world’s largest business industry publications for coworking and the country is constantly innovating the industry as well. Coworking is spreading quickly out for Germany into the rest of Europe! While coworking is headquartered in and got its start in the United States, it has become a global phenomenon. Coworking has excelled in India, Korea, and Europe as well!


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