Famous Faces Who Have Lived in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is not just one of the most renowned regions in London but also a place that has inhabited several famous people. The beauty of the district is endearing, and the positioning is remarkable. Every single aspect that you would want in a residential area is nicely incorporated in Knightsbridge. Those who have managed to take a stroll in the city will tell you it is a dream place where everything is classy and unique. Hide Park alone is enough to make you look for a flat to rent in Knightsbridge. Below is a list of some of the most famous faces who have lived in Knightsbridge.

William Wilberforce
Anyone who keeps tabs on the politics of the United Kingdom will be quick to point out everything that politician and philanthropist William Wilberforce did. Wilberforce is the man who ensured that slave trade was banned in Britain. He was always on the forefront to condemn the trade, and he ensured that he lived to see the bill pass. This great gentleman lived in Knightsbridge. By then the district was still developing but it still attracting popular figures. Now Knightsbridge is a much better place with a number of great houses. If you are one of those people who always want to see where celebrities live in London, then Knightsbridge should be the first place on your list.

Ava Gardner
If you have seen ‘The Killers’, then you know who Ava Gardner is. Gardner is known for her beauty and her prowess in acting. She was signed to Metro-Goldwyn-mayor and acted a number of films. This beautiful actress lived in Knightsbridge until 1990. Her apartment address was on 34 Ennismore Gardens. She definitely had seen something in Knightsbridge that she didn’t see in other places given that she lived there for quite some time. If you feel like you want to spend your life in the district, then you can look for property to rent in Knightsbridge and start enjoying the beauty and glamour of the region.

Roman Abramovic
Roman is known for his affluent lifestyle and incredible taste in houses. Recently, he purchased a huge mansion in Knightsbridge. He must have fallen in love with the beautiful scenery of the region. His house comes with cinema room, two changing rooms and a great swimming pool. It also extends a few stories underground. This doesn’t mean that for you to stay in the district, you need to own a big condo, you will be glad to hear that there are quite a number of flats to rent in Knightsbridge.

Alan White
White is one of the most famous drummers in the continent. He had a taste of the lovely district for ten years before he put up his house for sale. Knightsbridge is known to give you a sense of style and class. It is not just the place for rich and famous. It is a place where you can build your life and have a happy family. The good news is that you will always find a huge number of flats to rent in Knightsbridge. By moving to the district, you will be able to start a fresh new life. You just have to decide which part of Knightsbridge you want to settle and get a home there.

So far, those are some of the most prominent people who have had a life in Knightsbridge. The list is long and endless. Being people’s favourite, expect a lot of incredible things in Knightsbridge. It also comes with a number of parks and museum which you can visit during your own free time. Basically, Knightsbridge is a great district with great facilities. That means you can start a life there without worries.

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