Everything You Need to Know About Tax Audits And When to Call a Lawyer

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You check your mail to find a notice of a tax audit

Although the idea of an audit seems terrifying to most U.S. Citizens, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s information on common questions that arise after receiving a tax audit notice. Remember, if you have questions see a professional tax lawyer in Salt Lake City to get the best and most accurate information.

Why Am I Selected?

Individuals are chosen for audits for several reasons, such as not reporting income, claiming deductions greater than 50% of your income, or simple mistakes in math or your social security number.

If you are unsure why you are being audited, ask your tax lawyer to help dig a little deeper to begin to prepare your response.

Should I Call a Tax Lawyer?

Although not every situation warrants a lawyer’s involvement, most people greatly benefit from the pro’s ability to explain things clearly and work efficiently with the auditor. You may not understand the jargon and detailed information needed, and a tax lawyer in Salt Lake City can assist you.

A professional can also help you make any blunders like giving up too much information that could result in additional penalties.

What’s the Process?

You will receive a notice of audit in the mail. Don’t ever fall for any scams by telephone! Next, you will learn if you will be audited through correspondence, in the IRS office or the field (your home or business).

Most people end up owing more money with field audits, so get your tax lawyer to request and for an office visit at least. The auditor will ask you plenty of questions and want to see more receipts and paperwork to back up your tax documents.

What are Typical Results?

Be prepared that you will probably have to pay some money to the government. It’s rare to get off scot-free. This is where a tax lawyer’s help can make a big difference in penalties and fees. A professional in Salt Lake City can negotiate your best deal with a payment schedule that benefits you, not the IRS.

What Do I Say?

In a word, not much! Try to answer questions as simply as possible without going into additional detail. You don’t want to say anything that gets you in trouble or enlarges the scope of the investigation.

Thankfully, if a tax lawyer represents you, you may never have to speak to the auditor. Your lawyer can discuss things on your behalf.

What Do I Do?

You need to provide more information to defend your tax situation. If you don’t have receipts, it’s ok to recreate them. Consider using an old calendar or combing through bank statements to piece together the needed information.

How Can I Get the Best Result?

Often a tax professional like a tax lawyer can help you quickly and efficiently deal with the situation. They will negotiate on your behalf and have been through hundreds of audits, so they have a great deal of experience to help fight your corner.

Additionally, a tax lawyer can give you peace of mind. Hiring a pro from Salt Lake City means you don’t have to handle the stress of an audit by yourself.

Yes, a tax audit is not what you expected or wanted. But getting a professional tax lawyer’s help can make the circumstances much less problematic.

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