Custom Options for Public Safety Commemorative Badges

Our public safety officials keep us safe and serve our communities, and it’s important that we honor them properly. All kinds of public safety departments use badges to honor and celebrate their employees, from police departments, to fire departments, to sheriff’s offices, and more. Commemorative public safety badges don’t have to be run of the mill, though. They can be completely customizable to your department, highlighting the uniqueness of your service. You may wonder what customizations there can be for badges, of which there are many. We will cover a few options in this article.

If you’re a fire department, there are team members whose ranks you want to signify, like a fire chief, an honor guard, or just the brave firemen working for your department. A classic choice would be a five pointed star, but you can choose eagle badges, circular or oval badges, or asymmetrical options. The text, color, and appearance is completely customizable to your department as well. If you’re a fire chief in Syracuse, Utah, your badge can look completely custom compared to an Honor Guard’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. Red, gold, black, and silver are common colors for the fire sector of the public safety industry, but there are other custom options as well.

If your public safety department is celebrating an anniversary, there are badges for those occasions too. Townships, cities, and departments will all celebrate anniversaries like centennials or bicentennials. It’s crucial to mark these important dates for the public safety sector with something of value, worth, and high aesthetic quality like commemorative badges. Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s sheriff’s office celebrated their bicentennial with a gold and black commemorative item; Kodiak, Alaska’s police department celebrated their 75th anniversary with a blue, black, and green bear’s paw badge. The options for unique creative expression are endless.

Interested in something less flashy, but classic? There are badge options for that as well. Classic circular or oval items in gold or silver will last a lifetime and always have a beautiful appearance.

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Symbol Arts is proud to serve the country with our public safety badges for fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s offices, and more. No matter the style, the occasion, or your creative vision, we can create a commemorative badge for your department. Symbol Arts has created items such as badges, pins, medals, patches, and more for public safety departments around the country.

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