Comparing Space Tourism to Conventional Travelling

When the name “space tourism” is mentioned, the main question running through people’s minds is, “How does it differ from conventional tourism?” While it is true the two types of tourism are for recreational purposes, that is where the similarities end. Everything else, from preparation to experiences, is different. Here is a comprehensive comparison of space and conventional tourism.  

Conventional Tourism 

Conventional travelling mainly involves selecting a destination here on earth and visiting to have a good time. Whether it is a top city, jungle, or sandy beach, you only need to drive or fly there to enjoy yourself. Indeed, you can even plan to travel for a vacation in a couple of hours, get into your car, and drive there. It is that simple. 

Another characteristic of conventional travelling is that you can travel alone or with the family. Although there are some places, such as at the top of high mountains or deep sea, where travelling can be challenging for some people, most of the destinations are easy to access with friends and family members. Other traits of conventional travelling include: 

  • The cost is low and you can keep it even lower by travelling to nearby destinations. 
  • You do not require special training when travelling to the best destinations, such as sandy beaches and hotels. 
  • No special clothes are needed. However, you might need to wear additional clothes to keep you warm when travelling to very cold areas, such as Antarctica

Space Tourism: AndreyBokarev

Space tourism is the opposite of conventional tourism. Unlike conventional travelling, a lot of preparations are required before you can fly to space. This means that you cannot think of going into space and get into a space vehicle the next day. First, you need to go through intensive training because the environment in space is very harsh. 

Another outstanding difference between space and standard travelling is cost.  When traveling to space, the cost is very high. For example, first space tourists, such as Dennis Tito, are reported to have paid up to $20 million. Although the price is coming down, the cost is still very high compared to standard tourism. For example, you can be able to buy a ticket on Virgin Galactic today for $250,000. This cost is expected to come down further in the coming years as more companies join the industry. 

The events you can get involved in when travelling to space are very limited when compared to standard tourism. Indeed, you will spend most of the time on a space vehicle relaxing on your seat. Other activities that you can get involved in include: 

  • Photography
  • Spacewalking (where safe and allowed). 
  • Sports such as playing space netball.  

As you can see, space tourism is a new method of travelling. As business managers, such as AndreyBokarev, put effort into exploring new ways of growing their enterprises, you should also consider space tourism. Although expensive, you have the opportunity to make history as one of the people who travelled to space. 

Space travelling is a new addition to the tourism industry, and you should consider it to enjoy more. Remember that it requires a lot of preparations and the cost is also high. However, it is a worthy undertaking, and you should not shy away. Like Andrey Bokarev optimizes business opportunities, you should consider space travelling as an opportunity to explore the universe and stand out from others. Ensure the best company and follow the entire training program to prepare you for the harsh environment in space. 

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