Choosing the Best in CRM Processes

Record all comments that have been made during calls, times you like and don’t like to be served, why you are looking for your product/service, what you work with, if you have consumed the same product from elsewhere, how many times have you bought from you, etc.

This makes it possible for you to do a much more thorough analysis of your customer and thus deliver what they need.

But it’s not just your client that you, as a manager, will be able to keep up with. You will also be able to see your team’s productivity, the number of activities performed per salesperson, and thus understand if there is a discrepancy between members of the same team, as this may be why the goal is not met at the end of the month.

Customer loyalty

Perhaps this is one of the key points that lead a team to look for crm tools.

Today, customer loyalty is as important (or more) than gaining a new customer. If someone bought from you, you need to win over them to keep them as your customers – and CRM helps you a lot.

With the information you have registered, you can offer products that are in your customer profile, work with targeted marketing and not lose the timing of making contact and an offer, and offer an extremely personalized service.

Choosing Your CRM

Now that you understand the importance of a CRM system for your business, you need to think about which one suits your job best and ask the right questions. You also need to know how the top crm platforms.

Choosing your CRM may not be a very easy task, but you can follow some practical tips to find the tool that best fits your team’s sales routine:

Ease: This is what you are looking for in a CRM. It’s no use having a lot of features that are hard to use. Contracted software will open several times a day, most of them by vendors who need information agility. What good is having many features and not being able to use anything? That way, it’s no use talking further that the adoption of the CRM team was extremely low and that it doesn’t work for your company. Choose ease, mobility, and connectivity through ready-made integrations. With the top crm systems you can surely hope for the best.

  • Pricing should also be taken into account when reviewing available software. Small companies do not have large cash for these investments, so it is necessary to seek the most cost-effective.
  • There are many famous options available, but they are often priced in dollars, which makes it difficult to hire for those who are in Brazil due to exchange rate variation.
  • Support is another point that is critical in evaluating for hiring a CRM.

Will the service be in Portuguese? Which channels will be available? Find out exactly if you will have no problem having a question answeredif you will not be charged for it and be sure to be the best option.

Now that you know how important CRM is to your business, how about CRM more closely? Start your free CRM trial that brings you the best native integration with RD Station and leverages your marketing and sales work.

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