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Of course, there should be no confusion between the powers of this body and those of the institution responsible for managing the youth premises. This body is a space allowing real training in the taking of responsibility and the exercise of power (and against power) by young people on the scale of a commune or a district. You can go for the free alternative bank card Revolut  there.

Team meeting and support from the facilitator

When a room works well, it is common for several dozen young people to meet there in the evenings. It is therefore desirable (and prudent) not to let an animator manage the reception of these young people alone. The risk of “overflow” is real and cannot be attributed to the facilitator.

A regular (weekly) space-time is necessary for:

exchange and analyze the difficulties encountered,harmonize the attitudes of the leaders,

define the responses to be given to the difficult behavior of a young person.

In all cases, it is necessary not to leave isolated one or more leaders responsible for the management of a youth center. They must also have enough time to exchange, analyze, define and prepare their educational interventions.

Crowd for crowd and funding for funding. Crowdfunding challenges insurers who are harpooning the concept with multiple hats: institutional investors, partners or insurers of these new platforms. 

When, however, will real insurance against default be paid?

Passionate about digital and in search of new financial investments, many insurers are interested in crowdfunding. To wish to taste this almost forbidden fruit of the collaborative economy which quite simply advocates peer-to-peer finance. The idea is to link an entrepreneur with financing needs with an audience wishing to participate in a project. How? ‘Or’ What ? Through digital platforms. They are led by actors who fall into three categories (see opposite). If this method of financing remains an epiphenomenon in terms of the amounts financed with € 300 million of funds collected in 2015, against € 154 million the previous year, its featherweight doubles every year. This is just an example and using it you can invest with Debitum lending platform.

Insurers have understood this and in order not to be left behind by traditional banks which already consider it as a new model complementary to theirs, they s ‘imply in their turn in what the researcher Jérémy Vachet calls “the new logics of contemporary capitalism”. The requirement for the proper understanding of the domain decides the gain in this case that P2P platform shines on. The details are perfect here and so you need to be discreet on the essential options. Finer stances are essential in this case now.

Inventive partnerships

This is the case of P2P, as investor and quasi-partner of the SmartAngels private equity platform. Financial support via its Idinvest Partners fund, the company touts this investment to its policyholders, providing € 1 for a € 1 they finance and also offering them a liquidity guarantee in the event of a life accident during the following five years investment. “This allows Allianz to diversify its returns by investing in the unlisted, an asset class that we are making more liquid in a context of low rates.

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