A Guide on Pearl Jewelry Portfolio Photo Shoot

When it comes to drawing attention to your pearl jewelry portfolio, it is important to focus on creating great photographs. Product photography is much more important to the jewelry industry than almost any other sector. If you have an online store offering jewelry items, it is recommended to use the following tips to get the most out of your photographs.

Hire Models

Some of the key advantages of hiring models for photo shoots are as follows:

  • Different angles and poses can be tried, something not possible with mannequins
  • Using Human models Helps build a deeper and more personal connection with your audience

Most often, you will need to hire one or more models for a short session for all your pearl jewelry featuring freshwater and saltwater pearls. You can find just the right model based on your budget.

Take Some Close-ups

When you take photographs of your pearl jewelry pieces, make sure to include some close-ups. Full-frame photos are great, but don’t always show the texture or details.

Remember that your potential customers want to check the details before they can decide whether to purchase a piece of jewelry or not. The ideal strategy can be to take a few close ups and include them with the large, full-frame photos. These close-ups can especially be focused on the gem, the patterns, and the joints.

Focus on the Lighting

Pearls and precious metals are shiny, making it important to avoid reflections during photo shoots. It is recommended to follow these tips to achieve proper lighting:

  • Change the angle against the source light
  • Make use of diffused lighting to create a softer feel
  • Avoid the use of overhead flash to prevent bright reflections and overwhelming shadows

Product Focus

It is easy to have some parts of the product going out of focus during the photo shoot.

  • Set proper camera settings to ensure that clear and sharper images are captured
  • Keep all the parts of the jewelry piece in focus
  • Focus on the pearl and the metal designs, equally

It is also important to keep other objects like cases out of the picture.

White Balance

If you have an online jewelry store, it is important that your products are depicted in their true form. Any changes in white balance can affect how your pearl jewelry pieces are perceived on screen. So make sure to set the white balance right when shooting. This helps in avoiding yellow or bluish tinge from the light sources.

So make sure to follow these tips to present your product portfolio in the best-possible way.

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