10 Icebreaker Questions to Kick Start Your Virtual Meetings

Working remotely can always lead to episodes of loneliness. It’s only due to technology that people are now meeting over for meetings in third party video sharing apps. Even if it’s not possible to meet physically, it’s essential to create time and space for interaction during the meetings. These interactions could also be ice-breakers which could lighten the mood during the virtual meetings, even in company culture. Let’s take a look at 15 ice-breaker questions that could be a great kick start to your meetings.

  1.       Where are you joining from?  

Since most of the colleagues or friends joining on virtual calls are from all over the world, it’s a great question since you get to hear stories from whichever part of the world they’re joining in from.

  1.       Do you want to play a quiz?

A quick 1-minute quiz would be a great way to start a conversation. Since everyone automatically gets involved, it keeps getting better since you don’t have to take extra efforts to keep everyone engaged.

  1. Where do you want to go on holiday?

Since traveling is an issue currently, people will be excited to pick their spot for their next vacation whenever possible. Ask this question and get to see some really interesting answers coming your way.

  1.       Guess which one is true and which is a lie?

      This is a very interesting game that can not only rack your brains but also help you have a light-hearted conversation. Everyone should state two true facts about them and one false statement. It’s up to the audience to guess which ones are true and which is false.

  1.     Share your most embarrassing or awkward photos.

      Now, this is a hilarious exercise that will keep the audience engaged and light-hearted as well. All you have to do is, pick out the most awkward/embarrassing photo of one person from the meeting and upload them without knowing. The result might lead to a laugh riot.

  1. Show your pet.

      Now, who doesn’t like pets? This idea is quite simple and it’s good to break the ice for people who’re meeting for the 1st time. Whoever’s got a pet, can bring their pets on camera and introduce them to everyone. Sharing out details like name, breed, age will keep conversations engaging.

  1.       Would you like to work out in the gym or home?

Since everyone’s talking about fitness due to lack of otherwise routine physical work, you can find great conversations happening around exercises and fitness in general.

  1.       The hardest task of working from home?

Since mostly everyone is confined to the four walls of their homes, you can start a meeting by asking this question. Your answer may differ to everyone else and it could be a good conversation.

  1.       Let’s be honest, how much time do you spend work from bed?

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. Mostly everyone works out of their bed in these times since no one’s cared about business cultures anymore and it could lead to some funny answers. This could be a great ice-breaker before a serious meeting.

  1.   Can you show your office space?

This question is more often than not, asked in every meeting. Everyone’s curious to know how the other person has set up their office.

To sum it up, the above questions focus on how people confined to their rooms or home offices get bored after a while and how meetings in workplace culture could have a little more flavor. It’s imperative to keep having a little fun along with a whole day’s work to keep some energy pumping in.

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